My Autistic Journey

Where else better to start than the beginning? I was diagnosed with autism when I was in 6th grade, which is considered rather early for a female. I had been diagnosed with several things before and had been seeing shrinks since I was 4 to see what was “wrong” with me. I lived in a pretty abusive household. I was forced to mask constantly. Stimming was considered strange and therefore not acceptable. I really started to love being autistic when I started speaking and writing, when I became a self-advocate. Now, my job is to change the world. I want to make other people feel like their autism is a superpower, not a disability. I want to teach neurotypical people that they need to meet us halfway instead of forcing us to change our behavior. I want to make the world to see that autism is a celebration, not a prison sentence. Yes, being autistic is incredibly difficult. There are times where I burnout and break down. But even through all of that, I am so proud to be autistic and I want everyone to know.

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