Stimming, glorious stimming. Shall I espouse your greatness? I fucking love to stim. Stimming, for those unaware, is the act of repetitive motion, often used by us autistics to regulate our bodies and emotions. Stimming for me is a huge point of pride. It is not until recently that I have embraced my stimming.

I was not allowed to stim growing up. No rocking, no flapping, no verbal tics, not even in the privacy of my own house. My parents thought it made me look weird and would always make me stop if they saw me stimming. Their goal in life was to make me look as neurotypical as possible. This caused, for years, so many meltdowns that could have been prevented if I was just allowed to repeat a word over a few times. Of course, younger me didn’t have the ability to verbalize what stimming did for me and its benefits

Now, however, I am able to tell the world! Stimming makes me feel so good. There is something very calming about doing the same action over and over again and knowing it will be the same each time. A lot of my stimming is dancing, probably due to the fact I danced most of my life. I love a good tap shuffle or jazz square. Another big stim for me is singing. My commune knows exactly what phrases will set me into song and enjoy doing it.

I am so glad I took off my stimming mask. I stim freely at home and in public. I encourage others, both neurodiverse and not, to just let your body do what it needs to so you can get through this loud, bright, confusing world.

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