Monogamy? Not In This Economy

I practice polyamory, which means that I have multiple relationships, both sexual and not. All of my partners are aware of each other and are friends themselves, in case anyone thinks it is a form of cheating, which it is not. Being poly, it means I am not limited to loving just one human, which for me is incredibly important.

I don’t seem to possess the levels of love that humans have. I love my friends just as deeply as I love my partners. I also seem to have an infinite amount of love to give, which means I tend to develop quite a few crushes. Therefore, monogamy is just not my speed. There are just so many beautiful humans to kiss!

I think being autistic has a lot to do with me being polyamorous. I don’t like the way that society makes it seem like there is only one type of “correct” relationship. I don’t think that love and relationships can be fit into one box. Everybody loves in a different way and can have different ways of expressing that love. I also don’t think it is fair to expect that one human can be everything you need in life. That’s a lot of pressure!

I have created my own family through the practice of polyamory. I refer to them as my commune. I love having multiple humans take care of me. For example, my nesting partner, nesting meaning the one I live with, will brush my hair so I can go over to my girlfriends house to have it cut and dyed. Everyone has their part in my life. I absolutely love the fact that I get to love so much!

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