An Homage To My Trees

Trees are one of my special interests. I have a very strong connection with them. They are a big part of what energizes me spiritually. They are just so majestic and strong.

Everyday, I go on a walk, a bike ride, or simply knit on my front porch, all the while, interacting with all the trees around me, all of whom I’ve named. I have trees that I run to based on how I feel. Barnabus, the glorious birch, I go to when I need strength. I go see Alice, the tree in the picture, when I need some motherly love. Hilda, Fernando, and Bartholomew listen to me sing and knit while Higgins and Neville greet me every morning.

I am so excited to get to meet more trees on my journeys and travels. Trees have seen so much. They watch the years and decades go by, all while standing strong and nourishing the other creatures. If I don’t chain myself to a tree to save it from being cut down somewhere in this lifetime, then I did something wrong. I am a true tree hugger.

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