Autism, LGBTQ

Queer As Fuck

One thing I am very passionate about is LGBTQ issues. I identify sexually as queer. I love all humans, male, female, everyone in between, and those who are genderless. Add that to the fact that I’m polyamorous, it means that I basically love everyone in the universe. Of course there are many people I don’t want to be around, but that has nothing to do with gender. That has to do with the fact that a lot people are gaping assholes!

Being autistic and gay is called the double rainbow. Many of us identify as LGBTQ, more so than other groups in society. I, personally, think autistics are more likely to be LGBTQ because we really don’t give a fuck about societal norms. Autistics have such a unique perspective, especially with how we view relationships because we don’t have the instinctual social skills neurotypicals are born with.

I’m so happy that I view humans the way I do. I don’t have any limitations to the kind of people I want to seek out for relationships. The whole world is my buffet.

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