Your Girlfriend Is Autistic???

Whenever one of my partners mention that I am autistic, people start freaking out. They automatically assume that my partner is taking advantage of some poor, defenseless, special needs girl. One of my partners feels like when he mentions my autism, people instantly discount our relationship. It doesn’t seem valid to them anymore. Here is my response.

Just shut the fuck up. Just because I’m autistic, it doesn’t mean that I am not a functioning adult. I want relationships, I want to have sex, I want love, just like all the neurotypicals out there. People seem to see autistics as robots who have no interest in interacting with humans. Autistic also does not mean intellectual disability. There are those of us who do have ID, but having autism does not automatically mean that you have one. No one is taking advantage of me. I have the full capacity to make these decisions for myself.

I love all my partners and they love me. All of them love my autism. Who else is going to remember what they ate at a restaurant we went to 5 years ago? Who else will put on a full tap show just because they are stimming? Yeah, my partners may need to help tie my shoes for me or remind me 7 times a day what day of the week it is, but I think they love that too. We all take care of each other and it is a beautiful thing.

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