Family Day

I went no contact with my birth/biological family about 7 months ago and I have never been happier. They were cruel and abusive to me and I needed to stop being around them for the sake of my own sanity, what little of it was there.

I have created my own family, instead. I have one rule for you to be in my family; treat me with fucking respect. Doesn’t seem like too hard of a thing, but you would be surprised. I have wasted too many years and far too much energy on people who weren’t healthy for me. Never again will I be around toxic people.

I’ve always hated society’s expectations that you are supposed to love the people who raised you, who brought you into this world. The number of people who have said things like “they gave you life” or “she’s your mother. You need to love her” is staggering. I will have those people know that I have new mothers now. They might be trees, but they have given me more maternal warmth than the cold skeleton of a person who pushed me out of her birth canal.

My beautiful commune takes care of me now. I have significant others and friends who truly have my wellbeing in mind. Never again will I have to suffer from a hug from my dad, who probably thinks he did nothing wrong, but news flash, you fucked up just as much as my mom. Never again will I have to feel like I don’t fit in with the people who were assigned my family at birth. Never again will I be surrounded by anything but love and respect.

Today was actually a holiday in my family called Family Day. It’s the day my sister came home from China and we were finally one big, happy family. Happy family day, assholes. Imma celebrate my first family day alone with my actual family.

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