Mr. Sandman, Please Let Me Fucking Sleep

Ahhh. The elusive hours of sleep. Sleeping habits are one of the traits that most autistic people have in common. The autistic only gets 3 to 4 hours of sleep, on average. Basically, the autistics are fucking sleep deprived. I generally get 7 hours of sleep, but I wake up every 30 minutes or so,… Continue reading Mr. Sandman, Please Let Me Fucking Sleep


Pass Me The Devil’s Lettuce

Disclaimer: I am a medical marijuana patient in a legal state. I do not encourage or recommend anyone to self-medicate. This is just my own personal experience. I am what the kids call nowadays a stoner. I absolutely love smoking weed. And it truly has been a changing factor in my life. I have horrible… Continue reading Pass Me The Devil’s Lettuce